7 tips about for nailing the first job interview

   How to face first job interview

  • It’s about time:

    Time is so important for job interview and we should reach early from your interview in the office. If you are going for job. And traffic jam on the way then you should not wait for clear traffic jam, you should take some seconds and park your vehicles and hire any public transport and go. And you should make call to any employer of that company where you are going for job and say that can I take some time? And tell about your problems. Then they will be thinking that she/he is punctual for his/her interview.

  • 3, 2, 1…you’re on!’:

    many people lose their good opportunity for getting a job, the mainly reason that you avoid to meet to the receptionist and other employer who are sit every day on reception or in the office. So you should smile and make eye contact to every person who encounter on your way. Because first impression is the last impression. If you do it then you will be get great opportunity for your future.

  • That’s just your opinion’:

    when you go for your first interview before going you should designed that how will you face your job interview without lose your confident. And see the environment of office. If anybody is continue pointing you then how will you manage this situation and how will you work with him/her in office as team partner. And first thing when you will be giving your interview that time you should not friendly with interviewer. It’s a bad impact on them.

  • ‘You are sending mixed signal’:

    you send just as many, if not more signals about yourself through your body language in a job interview than you ever could say out loud. For example: solacing says you re lazy while leaning forward can come as aggressive lack of eye contact many signify that you are lying just as much as touching your face does.

Crossing your arms is defensive for you. If you will be getting angry by any reason it’s also negative point for you.

  • We have so much is common’:

    mostly people like to hire those people who close very easily with them for job and work in the office with employer. For example: when they ask any question then you give answer and see the whole office and if you see any picture hang there then you should ask about that picture.

Like if you see dog’s picture on wall then you ask about dog and if you see any play or family’s picture then you can ask. if any picture available there.

  • ‘Can you be a little bit more specific’:

    you should learn about company position and you should prepare for first interview and all time we should aware of all new questions which can ask to you? You should gain the experience about one specific job or position. You should pretend that you are ready for your all challenges. You should have the knowledge of company’s history also.

  • ‘Um…I have a question’:

    when you will go for job then you won’t ask about job position but you can ask about some small queries which generate in your mind. But you can give idea about where you stand for job position then after interview employer will be deciding the position. Then you can get your dream job.



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