5 Tips of interview questions about yourself



    This unstructured, almost casual question is a common and provides the perfect opportunity to explain you self on the front of employer with very properly. You should prepare this type of question already in short paragraph which explain you in effective way. Its good opportunity for your good impression on the front of employer. You should focus on recent and relevant job. Mainly you should highlight your skill and achievements.

  • Strength and weaknesses: ( 5 Tips of interview questions about yourself )

    When if employers ask about,what are your strengths and what are your weaknesses? Or what are your positive points and what skills are you lacking? Both meaning is same. You should present your strength properly in effective way and you should answer that which they want to hear for their business profit. You should answer about your weaknesses that which are your weaknesses but these positive points for company you should present your strength as your weakness then you can give good impact on employer like if they ask that what are your weaknesses then you should answer that my weaknesses are I am honest, I don’t like misbehave with my team partners and with my seniors and juniors also.

  • Why you? Why us? :

    These common two questions can throw most interviews. So you should give answer in very effective way and these are some common questions so already you should prepare these types of question’s answers. It really helpful for your interview.

  • ‘Why you?’:

    Means they can ask this question in your interview that ‘why should we hire you for this job’? In other forms ask same question in different way like ‘what have you unique skill?, ‘why should we select you for job? , what will you contribute in company? , how will you contribute to the company’? You should prepare answer of 4-5 lines and state proper like you have experience which you can use in your company for company’s profit, and you show that I am particularly strong match for this job. You should tell about your some positive points which make you special from other.

  • ‘Why us’: ( 5 Tips of interview questions about yourself )

    They can ask that why are you interested in this job? What attracted you to this job? Why are you interested in this company?

Then you should answer genuine and show the passion of this job. You can express genuine interest in this job and give perfect answer which they want to hear. You should tell that its great opportunity for my career it’s my dream job I want this type of job for my life or career.


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