In all over world, everybody wants to live their dream in reality and also wants to achieve success in their life. But somebody find it and some don’t. Because of reason they don’t, how to get their success. I want to give example of film industry, where everyday so many people come for living their dream but all don’t get it. Same as our life plays with us. So some rules are given below through some successful men. If you will follow them then defiantly you can find well your success in your life.


If you want to get success in reality then you should search a person, who can help you for getting your dream. I want to say in actual word that, you have to search a person (mentor), who can find your best capability in yourself and can show your ability to you. And search a person, who can design your life according to your dream. Mainly you have to find a person, who has so much experience with his or her achievement then he or she will help you for getting success and then you can become a successful man in your life.

GOOD LIFE (Achieve Goal)

Everybody wants to live good life but they don’t know how to live it. So firstly follow Some rules of successful men. And do hard work with their rule then you can find your good life with so many achievements.

Follow useful rules for living good life with success.

1. THE LAW OF 33%:

Now I want to explain about life three parts, which are done in the form of 33%. Actually, we should live our life in three parts, firstly we should live our 33% life with lower persons than us. Then only, we feel good. Because that time we feel that, actually what we have in our life. And other 33% of our life, we should live with same level people like our friends, they help us for being happy in our life with same level. And other 33% of our life, we should forget because, if I say that we should live with higher than us people then we cannot live our life well and we will feel uncomfortable so forget it before getting success in our life.


If you want to get success in your life then firstly you have leave your ego, because of humble peoples are only those are who are successful in their life. Arrogance is negative energy, which destroy your not only good relationship even it also destroy your business or career. So be humble.


For getting fame and success in your life, you have to persevere with so many problems. If you want to live luxury life then first rule of life is that luxury life or anything which is luxury, wants cost. And its cost is your dream, your ambitions and your time. Then firstly you have pay it for purchasing luxury life. Do hard work and don’t think about problems, only think about how to remove your problem and how to generate your success through your hard work.


First mentor of life is book, it’s not only a thing, actually, it is a friend, mentor and teacher of our life. We should read at least one book in a week. Then we can find our-self in actual position in our life.


There are two kind of people Stoic and Epicurean. Where stoic forget their present and start work on future and they can able to make their future good with their hard work. And epicurean live their present well.

These some rules, these are help you for finding your success.

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