In everybody’s life, one day comes where we cannot do any thing and struggle or suffer very badly in our life even no matter how many resources we have. That time we don’t have any solution. But one day comes in our life, which has only one idea and we implement that idea and that idea changes our whole life even that time no matter, we don’t have any resource.


Only one idea can change all over the world and our whole lives. Only need of one idea, which should be effective for our life. If you have any idea in your life and you think it is really effective then go to fulfill your dream through it.


Everybody knows Thomas Edison, who is the inventor of Bulb. He tried more than 1000 times for inventing bulb with all new thoughts or ideas but he failed that time but he never left hope and tried 1001 times and invented bulb. So we should not feel bad if you are failed. It may be a beginning but definitely ending will be happy.


Facebook is not only a word, it is a kind of system where you can make friends from one place to another part of world through Cell phone and laptop. When I thought about it that time it was just like a crazy thought but now nobody can spend their one day without checking their Facebook account.


Two Ph.D. students, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who founded Google in 1998. When it was not created that time it would only one idea for giving all kind of answers to everyone according their query. But after funded google, it is our part of life. Google is a search engine, which helps us for finding any kind of query in all over the world.


Instagram was founded by two student of Stanford University, Mike Krieger and Kevin Systorm. One day Kevin had one idea and shared with Mike of idea of sharing pictures on one app. But now Instagram is a part of our life, where we post our images.


This is an amazing website where you can see any kind of videos. Sometime we don’t want to study then you tube can help you for watching videos about study on any topic, where you don’t have to study well, only listen and watch videos. Here you can make your personal you tube channel and there you can posts your talents, which you have.


Jan Koum is a founder of What’s app and it was founded in 2008. He founded it after failing to get job in Facebook. But now, Facebook has a competitor in the form of What’s app. On our play store, so many apps are available on chatting but it is the most popular with special features and with easiest way of conversation.  Slowly, it has been replacing Facebook by its app.


It is car booking app, now a days, it is so famous on 53 cities in all over the world. Through it we can solve our problem of car booking. Through this app, we can save our time as well as save money because through it we have to pay genuine price. It is made a part of our life.


It was founded in 1984, here all successful people do conference and say their achievements with all over the world. Here all gives some inspiring thoughts and stories, which help us for converting our whole life in the form of success. It is a platform, where everyone shares their creative ideas and its tagline is “Can you change my life?”. And through it, so many people changed their life from unsuccessful to successful forever.


It is a platform, which was invented for online shopping, whatever you want to purchase. Most probably it gives you. When its founder thought about it that time it was look like a dream but now this business can help of so many people to purchase any thing without visiting anywhere.


If you have any unique idea then don’t leave it, implement it and you will see, one day you will get success through your only one idea. May be, sometimes you will fail for converting your dream to reality but one day you will be a topper in same field.




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